Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fish Mollee

Fish Mollee always gives me a nostalgic feeling...It stirs up some of the childhood memories...the wedding parties, family gatherings etc....There was a time in my place were Fish Mollee was one of the star dishes of the event...It was served as the first course...But as time changed the trends of the various dishes also changed and Fish Mollee was one among them that disappeared...And I too forgot about this poor little dish....

Recently when I visited one of my family, they served me this dish....and it tasted so good... Uncle explained me how it is made....Since then I was planning to try it out myself...

And one day I came across this Vahrehvah Video and decided to give it a try.

It came out wonderfully...It got finished just like that.
I made the same again two days later..and this time I patiently took some snaps.

I followed almost similar to the video...but I took the liberty of changing some of it to my taste.
Here is what I did :

1.  Marinate the fish (I used 2 Tilapia fillets) with salt,turmeric powder, powdered pepper, chilli powder for some time.
2.  Heat little oil in the pan and shallow fry/ grill the fish on both sides. Make sure the fish gets almost cooked and gets a little browned on both sides.
3.  Remove the fish from the pan and add some more oil to the pan. This will already have flavors of the fish and the masala as we are using the same pan and the oil remains...
4.  Add mustard seeds. When it starts spluttering add crushed garlic and ginger.
5.  When the smell of garlic comes add Onions.
6.  Saute it till transparent.
7.  Now add (1/2 tsp)turmeric powder, (1 tbsp)coriander powder, (1/2 tbsp) chilli powder,(1/2 tbsp) pepper, salt and saute it till the oil separates.
8.  Add thin coconut milk 
9.  Slowly add the grilled fish. All the fish should be soaked in the milk. From now on don't use the spoon to stir, lift the whole pan and give it a stir. This way the fish will not break in to smaller pieces.
10. Close the lid and let the fish gets cooked in the milk.
11. When it starts to boil add the tomato. Close the lid let the tomato gets cooked in it. Make sure not to over cook the tomato. The purpose of adding the tomato is just to give a little sourness to the dish.
12. Finally add the thick coconut milk.
13. Remove it from heat when it is about to get boiled. Don't let it boil as boiling might spoil the look of coconut milk but make sure that the coconut milk added is cooked.
14. Check the salt and add some if necessary. Let it rest for a while.

This tastes great with Bread(my personal favorite), Appam, Rice, Chappatti. 

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