Thursday, September 23, 2010

Besan Laddoo - Microwave method.

This sunday out of some kind of epiphany I made some ghee at home....Oww I love the smell of fresh fills the whole house and it is like standing inside a bakery...
It transported me back to a very old memory. My father took me to a sweet making shop where we can buy large quantities of freshly prepared sweets. Even before we could reach there I was getting the smell of the sweets. When I stepped inside my tiny mind was so amazed, the place was full of huge variety of sweets. Seeing my excitement, my father was carefully holding my hand so I won't run and disturb the place. I was literally ogling at each and every sweet in that shop while my father was talking to the person. The shop man handed me one big laddoo to my hand and asked me if I liked it. Oh myyyy that laddoo was so perfect. For a brief moment I even thought of living close by. Realizing that they both were waiting for my reply, I snap out of my dream  and shook my head vigorously to both signaling that I loved it. My father ordered a bunch of those and rest of the memory is a blur...I guess I was so transfixed by that place....

This flashback inspired me to make something sweet...While searching the cupboard I found a bag of besan sitting at the corner. My brain was making all sorts of connection... and it all lead to one thing....Yess !!! Laddoooooo.....:D
My experimentation side was slowly getting energized so instead of the traditional method I did in this post, I decided to use microwave....I wasn't even sure that it would work out...But I am darn glad I did...The laddoo was so good...M and myself were popping laddoos one by one in to our mouth that it got finished like a snap...

Following the success, yesterday I made another batch, this time capturing the moments in my favorite camera...:)

  1. Besan flour    -  1 cup
  2. Ghee            -  7 tbsp
  3. Sugar           -  3/4 cup

  1. In a thick microwavable glassware, add besan and ghee.
  2. Slowly mix both together and microwave for 1 minutes. 
  3. Take the container out and stir everything, scraping the sides and bottom or else mix will get burnt.
  4. Repeat the process 5, microwave for 1 min then stir and mix everything, scraping all sides.
  5. After the 5th minute, add 1/4 cup sugar, mix everything together and microwave for 1 min.
  6. Continue the process for 7th and 8th minute. ie, adding 1/4 cup sugar and stirring everything.
  7. By this time the mix will attain a darker shade, and the raw smell will be gone.
  8. Let it rest for a while. After it is cool enough to handle with hand, take  spoon size portions and start making small balls out of it.
  9. If the mix gets too cold, heat for 5 - 10 sec in the microwave and then make balls. Else if too lazy to make balls, grab a spoon and start eating this lip-smaking dish right away. Although making laddoos makes it extra special...:)


  1. Laddo looks so tempting Ann..carving some now...

  2. Cute looking laddoos, love this MW version,sounds easy and quick..

  3. i used to soooooooo love thsi at one point of time, not sure im tht crazy the pics

  4. yummylicious loadoo!! Wish i could have it now.

  5. Hi Ann,
    Lovely page you have ! Laddos look sooo tempting! Brilliant pics. It been a while I had laddos...i m craving these after looking at your pics.
    Do visit me smtime

  6. Love them...this reminds me that it's high time I made them again :-)

  7. I liked your blog very much. Besan laddoo looks fabulous, yummy and mouth watering. I feel like having it now. I appreciate for your wonderful presentation.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  8. nice clicks..looks so perfect and yummy!!

  9. Delicious n tempting laddus!! Love this easy version..

  10. Laddoo looks so delicious and tempting.Do drop by my space when u find time

  11. Looks great..Nice presentation and pictures

  12. I love besan laddoos but never thought of using the MW to make them. Yours are making my mouth water. :)

  13. Microwave laddos is a good option for time starved, but with sweet tooth.

  14. Wow yummy looking Laddoos,I am gonna try this for sure...Pics are driving me crazy..
    Thanks for sharing this recipe in a very simplest form...

    Njoy Cooking n Happy Blogging...


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