Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicken Wraps

The best thing I love about this new apartment is the abundance of sunlight I get inside... Previous apartment I stayed never had any direct sunlight facing windows... Most of the time the house felt so dim and moody...which in turn makes me feel so lethargic.
 The new apartment is making up for all that... Moreover this kind of apartment therapy is giving me a new Zing !! Most days are surprisingly productive...:)
See now I am able to take photographs like this... Totally utilizing the sunlight coming through the window blinds.
Coming to the Chicken rolls...something I make when I feel completely lazy to make dinner, instead want to make something interesting that includes some fresh vegetables and lots and lots of lemon...:P Oh! you know my fondness for lemon...
Steps are very simple... Cut chicken into thin strips (this will marinate faster and will cook with less oil). Marinate with the choice of seasoning and leave it aside. Make chapatis meanwhile.
Stir fry the chicken pieces with little oil until all the pieces are cooked through and evenly browned. Take each chapati, spread some yogurt, place few chicken pieces at the center. Add choice of fresh cut veggies... I usually add thinly sliced cabbage, cucumber. This time I had some freshly home made bean sprouts which made a good addition to this wrap.
Once everything is placed generously squeeze some lemon juice across it. Now wrap it up and there it goes into the mouth...:p
I am not writing the proportions here because this is something that can be explored with a variety of ingredients. I will list out the ingredients used here.

To marinate : 
Turmeric Powder (very little)
Chili Powder
Tandoori Masala
Lemon Juice
Boneless Chicken - Sliced thinly.

Marinate thinly sliced chicken pieces with the above ingredients and set it aside.

Make enough chapatis meanwhile.

Filling : Thinly slice everything
Bean Sprouts
Lemon Juice

Heat a wide non stick pan, add few drops of oil. When it is hot add all the chicken pieces and stir fry it till it is completely cooked and evenly browned.

Take one chappati, daub it with yoghurt.
Place some fried chicken pieces, and freshly sliced vegetables.
Squeeze lemon juice across the filling.
Roll the chappati to make the filling in place and set aside.
Continue with the rest of the chapattis.

Now go ahead and make this Crunchy Wraps


  1. wonderful clicks..i make then quite often but with different veggies.
    looks so yummy..

  2. Seriously u r killing me with ur beautiful captures, makes me hungry..

  3. Ann,you are so right,a house washed with sunlight can lift up the dullest of dull days :) I am so glad you get ample of it.These wraps look so scrummy and healthy as well:)!!!

  4. Ur pics make me go weak with hunger n now i want to have dinner again!! Brilliant photography!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. Hey Ann,
    Those wraps look awesome...Beautiful captures...:)


  6. Envy you for the abundance of sunlight you get.

    Love your chicken wraps including the spices you have used.

  7. I am glad that you have plenty of daylight for taking pictures now. Nothing can beat natural light...Chicken wraps looks awesome ketto, such a quik fix and loaded with nutrients..

  8. The wraps look awesome... The pic with the sunlight and shadow is simply mind blowing ... brilliant photography ... I am totally awe struck by your presentation skills ...

  9. Healthy and lipsmackingly good! A wonderful snack.



  10. Ann, everything looks amazing! I love your photos :)

  11. beautiful photographs!! Love this fab idea and on this dreary sunday, i wish I could have these delish wraps for dinner.

  12. I can never have enough with your chicken wraps. Hope I wish I can have a place with lots of sunlight for me to play around during shooting. Your shots are awesome!!

  13. first time u have such an wonderful space....I would love to pass on an award Galore to you !Plz visit my space and accept it !

  14. gyros are forever good. whtever be the base. simple and yummy recipe.


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