Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot Chocolate - For a Rainy evening

I think I have lost track of the number of times I tried to have a decent hot chocolate but ended up with the same disappointing tale ... I always feel like it is too good to be true...
I particularly remember this one time. After some hectic schedule at work, I wanted a break, and thats when I thought about the hot chocolate served by one of the vendors in the food court. The vendor being  one among the top and famous in the field of dairy products I had my expectations set pretty high... A mind filled with joy, I set out from the building to the food court blaming myself, for not doing this earlier...When I reached there I could see there 'Hot Chocolate' written on the menu board. With utmost excitement I ordered one hot chocolate and waited at the other end of the line...When I finally got mine I couldn't wait but to have a sip... It sure was hot and it kind of burnt my tongue a little ...but that was not the sad part...I waited till I took another sip to confirm it. Yes, that same feeling crawled into my mind. It tasted anything but hot chocolate...more like a health drink (like boost)

As time went by, the memory of hot chocolates also faded, until I stumbled upon a picture recently. I was determined to try it this time. I made it. At last something worth calling 'hot chocolate'.

For a more deeper chocolaty flavor try adding some semi or bitter sweet chocolate...:-).


  1. Milk                -  4 cups
  2. Sugar             -  1/2 cup 
  3. Cocoa powder  -  1/4 cup 
  4. Salt                -  a dash
  5. Vanilla extract  -  3/4 tsp
  6. Hot water        - 1/3 cup 
  7. Miniature marshmallows or sweetened whipped cream (optional)

  1. In a medium saucepan, stir together sugar, cocoa, salt and water.
  2. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to a boil.
  3. Stir for 2 minutes more.
  4. Add milk, stirring constantly, until the milk reaches the required temperature.
  5. Do Not Boil.
  6. Remove from the heat source and add vanilla and stir. 

    Serve topped with marshmallows or whipped cream, if desired.  

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  1. Looks perfect for any day, but yes as you said, especially for a rainy or chilly day :)

  2. wow I love chocolate and tea..this is combo of both...i'm loving it!!!

  3. Lovely clicks chocolate is a tempting one...yumm..

  4. Lovely photographs of a beverage we make several times a week.
    Wouldn't change a thing.
    Thank You.

  5. A cup of hot chocolate is always amazing on a rainy cold evening. I will save this to give a try . As of now it's super warm out here .. at 90F, so I have to wait :)

  6. Missing rain here, hot chocolate looks awesome perfect.

  7. Like I said on Flickr, I really like that first picture, it pops. I love a good cup of hot chocolate on a cold day or late at night as a treat.

  8. Yesss!!! Perfect for a rainy day..Comforting, chocolaty drink!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  9. Lovely clicks Ann.. I too would love to have on a rainy day..

  10. Perfect chocolate drink for rainy season,nice clicks.

  11. Something warm and chocolatey - so perfect for a cold day! Great photos too!

  12. hot chocolate is my all time favorite ! looks delicious :D

  13. fall's a'comin'.
    your hot chocolate is the perfect way to welcome the colder season!
    greetings from germany!


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