Friday, August 3, 2012

Ginger Lemon Squash

Everyone enjoying the summer well ?

Well we have been getting several days of hot weather coupled with some cool days.

Whenever it is summery one of the first things that comes to mind is to have some cool lemon juice. Nothing replenishes your energy like this. It will be even more fabulous if it is attainable with just a few simple steps away.

   Lemon juice infused with ginger and sugar is by far my favorite. The very thought of it gives me a refreshed feeling.

Recipe :
  1. Lemon juice        -  4 cups (freshly squeezed)
  2. Ginger                -  1 tbsp (grated and crushed with knife/ mortar stone so the juice comes out)
  3. Sugar                 -  2 1/2 cups
  4. Water                 -  1 cup  


Bring 1 cup of water to boil.
Add grated & crushed ginger to the boiling water.
Let this boil for few minutes. This will make sure the ginger flavor is infused into the water.
Switch off the heat and filter the water into another deep saucepan and discard the ginger collected in the filter.

Add sugar to the filtered ginger water in the saucepan and bring it back to heat.
Make sure the saucepan is deep enough, else the sugar syrup will boil and overflow.
Let it boil for some time. Stir it with a spoon to prevent it from overflowing.
Boil the syrup till you attain a thread like consistency. (like the picture below)

Once you attain this consistency add the hot syrup directly to the freshly squeezed lemon concentrate.
Store these in dry jars. Once cooled close the lid and refrigerate.

To make lemon juice :

Fill less than 1/4 th of cup with lemon squash. Fill the rest of the cup with cold water and drop 2 ice cubes.
Enjoy this refreshing drink. 

Sugar syrup should have a thread like consistency
Notes :
  • Make sure to use dry container while squeezing the lemon.
  • Crushing the ginger and boiling it will add more ginger flavor.
  • Bottles/ jars must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before pouring the lemon squash.
  • This squash can last for several months in the refrigerator. (Make sure everything is dry and clean)


  1. Hats off to the yummy drink and the amazing photography. You should seriously consider photography as a career :)

  2. Soothing and refreshing. I love ginger and lemon tea, so I am sure this will be a summer fave for me. Thanks a lot! You don't know how you made the summer heat a lot more bearable. ;)
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  3. Thats a super freshing squash, loving it.


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