Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dal Payasam

I am right now officially enjoying my month long vacation !!!

I was completely buried with my finals and project for the past three weeks that I almost didn't notice  Onam was then there was no time to prepare anything special...

But how can I pass Onam without even a payasam....and thats when I decided to make Dal payasam :)

Dal payasam is made by combining cooked dal with melted jaggery and coconut milk, which is then flavored with spices...
Dal can be cooked in boiling water...but cooking using pressure cooker is much faster.
If planning to cook without pressure cooker make sure to sock the dal in water for several hours. This helps to cook dal faster.


  1. Split moong dal       -  1 cup
  2. Jaggery                 -   2 cups
  3. Cardamom             -   few pods crushed/ powdered
  4. Thin coconut milk     -  1 1/2 cup
  5. Thick coconut milk    -  1/2 cup
  6. Cashew nut             -  few, slightly fried in ghee. (golden raisins, dried coconut pieces can be added  )
  7. Ghee                      -  as required. 

  1. Slightly roast moong dal on high heat for 2-3 min.
  2. Pressure cook moong dal with 3 cup of water.
  3. Meanwhile melt jaggery with little water in a saucepan on medium heat.
  4. Strain the melted jaggery to remove any residue.
  5. Once the dal is cooked well, mash it.
  6. Heat ghee, add the mashed dal, melted jaggery, stir and mix well 
  7. Add thin coconut milk and stir in a constant direction for sometime in a medium low heat.
  8. When it gets thick, add the crushed cardamom, thick coconut milk. Combine well and take off from heat.

One of my favorite ways to eat dal payasam is with ripe bananas....:)


  1. Superb ..loved the creamy and yummyy!!

  2. Yummmy and droolworthy payasam..very tempting clicks..

  3. Love this and this is how I would make it too :-)

  4. wow dal payasam is my favorite ur photographs ...payasam looks awesome


  5. Belated Onam wishes Ann, Payasam adipoli aytund tou...

  6. tempting payasam looks delicious..1st time to your wonderful space... do visit mine sometime..

  7. I made a similar one.. only that the dal was replaced by ada

  8. I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your wonderful presentation. Dal payesam looks delicious and yummy.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  9. nice clicks..looks so delicious...

  10. Looks great! Have a great vacation.

  11. This is my favourite of all payasams. The combination of lentils, jaggery and coconut milk is unbeatable.

  12. Thank you all for the feedback...:)

  13. Love the colours...and the payasam ofcourse.
    hey nice to know ure from triv as well..did u study there too?

  14. Hi Ann
    first time here..lovely blog and lipsmacking dishes..payasam looks yummy!

    please visit me when time permits..

  15. @ Open Book : I am a complete trivandrum -ite, schooling , college everything...:)

    @ Jagruti : Thanks

  16. Superb ..first time here..lovely blog susan


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