Monday, December 20, 2010

Marshmallow Rice Crispy - An Irresistible Treat

I find this highly irresistible...I wouldn't have found out about this, if one day I hadn't accidentally pressed the wrong button in the vending machine and got this crispy treats  instead of a chocolate bar....
Happy accidents do happen sometimes...and it comes in all size and shapes... and for me it came in the shape of this chewy treat one fine day....I instantly fell in love with this....

The sticky melted marshmallows can be pretty daunting at times...but if buttered well, these are super duper easy to make...and will be ready in less than 20min.

  1. Butter                   -  1/2 stick
  2. Mini marshmallows  -  300 gms
  3. Puffed rice            -  4 cups or little less depending 
  1. Line a rectangular tin with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. Melt the butter in a large, heavy-based saucepan(I used a non-stick) over low heat.
  3. Stir the butter with spatula while it melts so that the spatula gets coated with the melted butter. This will reduce the stickiness on to it while stirring.
  4. When the butter melts completely, add marshmallows and cook gently until they are completely melted, stirring constantly.
  5. Now add the puffed rice, mixing everything together until well coated with melted marshmallows and the puffed rice are sticking together.
  6. Press this mixture into the lined(or greased) rectangular tin.
  7. Press it down into all the corners, flattening the top. 
  8. Let the marshmallow crispy squares cool completely in the tin.
  9. Once cooled and cut them into desired shapes.
  10. Store it in air tight containers...


  1. WOW! That looks fab!! And very quick and easy too! Well done :)

  2. They are awesome. love the click

  3. Wonderful treat.. kids will absolutely love it :)
    and yeah some accidents are great... :)

  4. amazin looking so beautiful . white in colour make water in mouth clicks are fabulous

  5. wow looks so yummy and ur presentation also superbb

  6. Beautiful clicks..looks so perfect and yummy!!

  7. wow Excellent shots! The combination is irresistible.

  8. This is quite good, I make these normally with sugar and jaggary.

  9. They simply look gorgeous Ann, love ur pictures the white crispy bars looks Divine!

  10. this looks simply irrestible...gorgeous and eyecatchy

  11. You make my day dear what a delicious recipe and I think such crispy mistakes are good in festive seasons!
    You are special, You are unique; may your Christmas be also as special and unique as you are!

    Merry Christmas And A very Happy New Year!

  12. Dear Ann,
    Wish you a very happy New Year, i am all eyes for your beutiful pictures,always !



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