Monday, January 3, 2011

Pickled Fish - Mixed Seafood

Happy New Year !!! Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year !!!

I was too lazy to type and post something on Christmas, New Year and the days before, after and in between that....There I said it... One of my New Years resolutions is to be less lazy and procrastinate only when I am completely and really really tired … I am taking one baby step at a time...

This vacation was really fun...we got a tiny snow shower, the temperature dropped down to minus degree...and I have been baking....Successful Baking...I made my mother's Butter Cake recipe and I have been devouring that (Its really great !!!!). Another highlight was this pickle.... I made this once before and loved every bit .... Pickle is something that comes as a savior when you are too lazy tired to make something...

First time when I made this, I didn't have all the ingredients and still it tasted exactly like the prawns pickle my mother sent me...So this time also I followed the ingredients and proportions I used initially...

Recipe :
Adapted from : Yummy-O-Yummy. Please Check out the link to see the original recipe and for step by step pictorial instruction. 

1. Assorted Seafood -  500 gm/ 1 Lb (prawns, mussels, squid)
2. Garlic pods          -  3/4th cup
3. Ginger                -  1/2 cup  thinly sliced
4. Chilly powder       -  2 - 3 tbsp (or more/less)
5. Turmeric powder  -  1 tsp
6. Vinegar               
7. Mustard seeds
8. Salt -  to taste
9. Oil - For deep frying
10. Turmeric powder, chili powder and salt for marinating fish pieces.

1. Wash and clean the fish pieces thoroughly.
2. Dry the fish pieces with kitchen paper.
3. Marinate the pieces with little turmeric powder, chili powder and salt. Keep  it aside for half an hour.

4. Heat oil in a sauce pan enough to fry all the marinated fish pieces in batches.
5. When the oil is hot, fry the fish pieces in batches till it is cooked and browned lightly.

6. In the same oil fry garlic pods and ginger slices separately till it is browned. The oil will have the flavor from the fish. Set aside the shallow fried pieces.

7. Now add mustard seeds. When the spluttering is over, remove the pan from the heat source. Add chili powder, within 2-3 sec it will attain a darker shade. Now quickly add fried ginger, garlic and fish pieces and mix everything together.
Bring back to the heat source and stir for 3-4 min. Switch off the heat. Let it cool down. Don't cover the saucepan with lid !!

8. Take a clean and dry container. Make sure the container is really dry. Add the prepared pickle into the container.
Now add vinegar until all the pieces are just covered.
Before closing the lid, make sure everything is completely cooled down or else condensation may happen and introduce moisture.

9. Once everything is cooled down (2-3 hrs) close the lid and refrigerate it. After 2 weeks it will be ready to use. Keep it refrigerated.


  1. Pickled sea food looks delicious and nice clicks.

  2. Omg, thats a fabulous pickles..sooo tempting and makes me drool..

  3. Wow what gorgeous shot..look absolutely delicious and i am tempted.

  4. brilliant the pcitures lady...oh don't worry about the laziness i too much it to that :) Wish you a very happy and glorious new year :)

  5. Ann, I must say this is awesome and clicks are so perfect! Thnx for sharing.. love to follow u!

    Also, there is a small giveaway in my blog.. Do participate in it!

  6. Wow! That looks just like the prawn pickle my mom used to pack to my hostel! I'm hosting the Kerala Kitchen blogging event and would love to have this gorgeous pickle at our virtual table! Do come on over!

  7. beautiful clicks..looks so delicious..

  8. Happy New Year to you too Ann,such lovely pictures as always. I will have to try it, as soon as my current pickle bottles clear, which is going to happen very soon ! Thank you for the recipe, loved the photos.

  9. First time here....

    U have a wonderful space with interesting recipes...
    love ur photography skills...

    Check my space when u find time



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