Monday, March 29, 2010

My lil' adventure with Oils....

I love oil paintings... They almost look real.... Sometimes I stare at some pictures wondering if it is an Oil work or actual photography....It is amazing how they create such works....

I have experience with Water Colors before...But the end result with water colors never gives me a satisfactory work .. And last week I bid good bye to Water Colors.....At least for now....The reason might sound pretty stupid...but I realized - My water coloring skills are way baddddd.... 

I happen to get the DVD from the library which had the video demonstration of Painting Roses using Water Colors by Susie Short....I started it pretty confidently but half way through I realized it is a big disaster...Although anyone who see the painting might say.."Oh ya..You are painting roses"...But I am pretty sure none of them will say "it is a beautiful rose "...
When I realized it I stopped it right away. After two days of silly frustrations I decided to start fresh....Sadly this time also same.......No improvement....I stopped it right away....went to my  cupboard and took out all the oil painting accessories  I had. I started with the book Oil painting for beginners. 

From that I drew the grapes, orange and apple. The next from YouTube I came across a video demonstration of strawberries and tried that one also....The end result ......


I should say I am happy... These are definitely going to adorn my kitchen walls... :).
P.S. The ones in the photographs are real paintings not photographs.......he he he ...Just kidding!!!


  1. Hi Ancy,

    The picture look really cool. Good to see the artist in you coming out of the shell :-)

    Ann Catherine Jose

  2. Reminds me of my still life classes at college.. The berries are great.


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